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About us

The idea of Raglin Market was conceived over many lunches, from Piedmont, Italy to Mateo Restaurant Provencal in Boulder, Colorado. The constant question was, “how great would it be if we could get this amazing quality food and wine in a fresh-casual environment.”

Raglin Market is a daily destination for delicious hand-made, unforgettable food consistent with a healthy lifestyle and aligned with the highest standards.

Raglin Market is located in the booming, rapidly expanding Gunbarrel Center. It is closer than Downtown Boulder or Longmont for more than 7,000 households. We are a place where you always know what you get: great, healthy food, amazing wine, quenching beer, and cocktails in a warm and friendly environment.

This fresh-casual restaurant features sparkling, white, red, and seasonal wine on tap. We are working with one of the premier Italian Winemakers/Proprietors, Giorgio Revetti of La Spinetta and Contratto – the very drinks that helped inspire this adventure. Giorgio produces approachable yet age-worthy wines that command the attention of wine critics and consumers alike. The wines will be a private label for Raglin.

“One of Italy’s most fashionable winemakers/proprietors, Gorgio Rivetti displays a masterful touch whether he is making Barbera, Moscato d’Asti, or his proprietary red wine Pin.” –Robert Parker Jr.

Raglin Market also features locally handcrafted beer by a premier local brewery and specialty cocktails.

Matthew Jansen

Owner Matthew Jansen named Raglin Market after his birth name, Raglin, a traditional Jamaican name. In the early 70s, a Boulder family adopted and named him Matthew. The name Mateo is Italian for Matthew, meaning "gift of God." He grew up in Boulder, learned to cook in local restaurants, and in 2001, opened one of Pearl Street's most popular and successful restaurants, Mateo.

Raglin Market opened in 2018 as the first "fresh casual" restaurant Jansen had planned. This venture is about sourcing farm-fresh foods and bringing family-friendly casual-fine dining to Gunbarrel. The goal is to provide excellent and affordable food to our guests quickly so they can get back to work and their families.

The idea of family has always guided Jansen through his culinary career. While acquiring a journalism major at the University of Colorado, Jansen fell in love with the communal atmosphere a kitchen and restaurant can provide while working at Laudisio, which operated in Boulder for more than 20 years.

Antonio Laudisio introduced Jansen to great food and wine. A fond memory of his is sitting down at the end of each shift and enjoying a family meal where the staff would share stories and talk about food and wine and where it came from.

At 21, Jansen had the opportunity to travel to one of Laudisio's partner wineries in Piedmonte, Italy. There, he worked harvests, helped in the cellar, ate meals made by "grandma or one of the locals," and, ultimately, fell in love with wine. The experience was so impressionable that he pursued a sommelier certificate from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Jansen worked at a few well-regarded restaurants in California and Las Vegas, including Michael Mina in San Francisco, until opportunities in his beloved community called him back home.

Jansen aspired to bring something fun back to share with everyone in Boulder and be part of its wonderful restaurant community. Friends and family encouraged him to open a restaurant similar to those he had introduced them to in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

When Jansen opened Mateo in 2001, he was among some of his fondest restaurants in town, including Laudisio, John's Restaurant, Potter's, Pearl's, The Walrus Saloon, and more. He has learned and grown from the tight-knit local restaurant community. Through all of the ups and downs Jansen and other restaurant owners have faced in the past couple of years, he is optimistic about the future of Boulder's food scene. Jansen is excited to connect with the people of Gunbarrel and bring farm-fresh food to this community.